What is obesity and reasons causes it

What is obesity and reasons causes it?

  1. What is obesity?
  2. What causes obesity?

Obesity means a condition in which person having too much excess body fat which can seriously affect on their health.

One of the most common ways of defining obesity is body mass index (BMI) it’s a measure of fatness based on weight in kilograms (kg) in relation to your body height in meters (m). Usually a person is considered overweight if his BMI in range 25-30 and obese if his BMI is over 30.

What causes obesity?

There are many different reasons why people can become obese, the most basic reasons are presented below

Diet pattern

First reason which is causing people to become obese it’s energy disbalance caused by consuming more calories than needed for their daily activity.

For example:

  1. Eating too much food which is to high in fat like fast food
  2. Culture of food consumption which is excluded healthy diet food like: whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean protein, low-fat and fat-free dairy products and drinking water
  3. Cheapness of food causing people to consume much more calories then it’s needed
  4. High stress loads – very often, people tend to eat more just to feel better and not because they are hungry, they use food as an antidepressant. If stressful conditions are constantly repeated, it may cause person to become overweight or obese

Physical activity

Nowadays, mankind is at the peak of technological progress, high-tech become common attribute of our lifestyle. More and more people have a possibility to make money seating at home at their laptop while drinking a cup of coffee, buying products with just a couple of mouse clicks, talking to their friends through a smartphone while lying on their favorite couch.

All the above bring people to a certain imbalance in the natural way of life.

Many people forgot about physical activity, which is another very important part of healthy lifestyle. The less your physical activite, the fewer calories you burn.

Social environment

The way of life, habits, way of thinking and behavior is largely determined by the social environment of a person, the traditions of his family and personal goals. All this also affects to the culture of person nutrition and its physical activity


Genes can increase a person’s propensity to obesity, but for their full implementation requires the support of external factors, for example: malnutrition, smoking, high alcohol consumption, diseases, etc.

Diseases and medications

Research shows that certain medicines may causes to some weight gain and problem with hormones.

In most cases weight gain caused by side-effects from the drugs.

Some of medicaments might affect your appetite, which leads to an increase in the amount of consumed food and gaining extra weight. Some medicaments can affect your metabolism level which can affect on number calories burned by your body.

Eventually some medicaments may affect on your body hormonal functions like steroids or something similar, which can cause very severe forms of obesity without maintaining appropriate diet and lifestyle.

It’s important to know that not all medicines causes weight gain or obese. Be smart and consult with doctor before using any medications.

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